[ON HOLD] From Apprentice to Master in 2020 | EXHIBITION

From 2 December to 30 January, GWA (Grafische Werkplaats Amsterdam) is hosting an exhibition at NDSM PRINT, their workshop in Amsterdam Noord. It shows the work that resulted from the collaboration of four apprentices and two masters in all kinds of graphic crafts.

In the beginning of 2020, GWA selected four designers to join ‘Meester Zoekt Gezel’ [master seeks apprentice] – a project to educate a new generation in the craft of letterpress, linocut, intaglio and bookbinding in order to preserve and transfer the knowledge of these artisanal techniques. During six inspiring months, the apprentices became part of the daily routine in the workshop and learned how to work with and maintain the graphic heritage.

GWA’s first Typo Graphic Agenda came to life, functioning as a framework for the project. Masters and apprentices designed, typeset, printed and bound one hundred copies with their very own hands. The agenda consists of eight signatures and four different illustrative sheets.

This exhibition shows the making of, larded with pictures by Francesca Patella.

The exhibition is open to visitors every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (10-16h), from 2 December to 30 January. Free entrance.


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