Festival of Fools

From the afternoon of Friday, 14 July to the night of Sunday, 23 July, the good ship Blauwe Schuit Azart and its Festival of Fools will bid a festive farewell to its home port of Amsterdam. This small-scale festival focuses on working with local artists and on direct contact with audiences of all shapes, sizes and colours. The festival will then tour eight countries along the Dutch trade routes. The highlight of the journey will be crossing the Australian desert on wheels as a homage a thousand years of the culture of Fools.

Azart – The Ship of Fools is a seagoing legend that for 28 years now has been a travelling stage for a constantly regenerating group of actors and artists. Azartplein square in Amsterdam was named after the ship in 1994. Through its contemporary ship’s log, Azart gives evergreen meaning to the history of this square.



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