Ferrotopia Evening Expeditions #4 | It’s Hammer Time!

Ferrotopia Evening Expeditions
Ferrotopia is an art installation at the Amsterdam NDSM shipyard, a ‘gesamtskunstwerk’ and pop-up museum in one. The art installation of Atelier van Lieshout is an ode to iron (ferro = iron) and consists of a collection of characteristic buildings grouped around a central square.
Following the principle of head, heart and hands, programme-makers Joost Janmaat (Partizan Publik) and Rieke Vos (Stichting NDSM-werf) take their audiences on an expedition into the world of iron. Concrete presentations will accompany expeditions, tasting sessions, music, poetry and other arts.

Date: 8 November, 19:30-22:00
Free Admission, we do ask you to sign up here  so we can make sure to buy enough stamppot and prepare enough blankets for everyone! Please note: it may get cold so make sure to dress warmly.


6 September |the sixth sense: a night on magnetism
20 September | Welcome to the new iron age: on cyborgs and sci-fi
4 October | Domestikator: an evening about bestialitytaketake

Location: Ferrotopia (NDSM-Square)

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