Ferrotopia: Crypto food – manifestation by atelier van Lieshout

Variety is the spice of life! When mankind started to prepare its food. it started to dominate nature. People transformed from hunter-gatherers to agricultural and livestock farmers and no longer lived in and with nature but used it to serve their own needs. Our patterns of consumption have become so extreme that scarcity now prevails, and we do anything and everything we can to manipulate nature to ensure our needs are met.
During the WeMakeTheCity weekend, we (partly) shift our focus from the iron in Ferrotopia to experimenting with food. In an age of cultured meat and genetically engineered crops, Atelier van Lieshout goes in search of the limits (or rather the source) of food manufacturing processes and asks:”What can we actually eat, and how can we prepare our food so that it is digestible, nutritious and sustainable?” Using a new steel art installation (oven, boiler, shredder, food processor), Atelier van Lieshout’s team will create edible experiments which visitors can also enjoy.
More information is following soon.
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