Ferrotopia Evening Expedition #5

Ferrotopia Evening Expeditions
Ferrotopia is an art installation at the Amsterdam NDSM shipyard, a ‘gesamtskunstwerk’ and pop-up museum in one. The art installation of Atelier van Lieshout is an ode to iron (ferro = iron) and consists of a collection of characteristic buildings grouped around a central square.
Following the principle of head, heart and hands, programme-makers Joost Janmaat (Partizan Publik) and Rieke Vos (Stichting NDSM-werf) take their audiences on an expedition into the world of iron. Concrete presentations will accompany expeditions, tasting sessions, music, poetry and other arts.Ferrotopia Avondexpeditie #5 | It’s the final countdown! An evening about people wo want to go back to the future


Edwin Gardner is a writer, architect, web-designer/editor and researcher and co-founder of Monnik, a laboratory for investigation, imagination and storytelling.

Edwin graduated in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture, Delft Technical University in 2009 and studied Architecture at the Istanbul Technical University in 2007. His MSc thesis dealt with diagrammatic reasoning and how the creative processes of design can be explained as a form of logic. From 2005 till 2010, he worked for Archis/Volume as web-editor, developed web environments as well as doing editorial work, research and producing content for web, print and exhibitions. He still is a regular contributor and editorial consultant to Volume. In 2009/2010 he worked as a researcher for Partizan Publik, and during 2011/2012 he was a research-fellow at the Jan van Eyck Academie, a post-academic institute for research and production in fine art, theory and design. He lived and worked in Istanbul and Amsterdam.

Ruchama Noorda (Leiden 1979) is an artist who uses diverse media and materials in performances and installations. In 2002 her video piece “Annunciatie” “(Annunciation)” was acquired by the Museum het Domein in Sittard. In 2008 she installed ‘Statisch Vooruitgangsmonument’ (‘Static Monument to Progress’) in the Museum De Lakenhal’s Project Space in Leiden in which she combined selected works from the Museum’s De Stijl collection with her own work and items from the artist’s personal collection of Anthroposophical artifacts. The exhibition juxtaposed ideas of progress-through-design alongside occult elements within modernism to produce a space in which the desire for an all-encompassing ideology of transformation was materialized within a subjective historical framework. Ruchama will take the people on a walk across NDSM during the Evening Expedition

Walden Collective created a cult around the God of heat loss. For Ferrotopia they’ve designed an installation with heating elements. This will serve as a pulpit and stand during a number of evening programs. Collective Walden will hold a ritual to worship the God of heat loss and invites speakers from various backgrounds (a war journalist, a psychologist, an environmental philosopher, a nuclear physicist, a shaman and musicians) to come to ‘preach’ about heat , climate change and the unbridled energy.

Free Admission, we do ask you to sign up  here so we can make sure to buy enough stamppot and prepare enough blankets for everyone! Please note: it may get cold so make sure to dress warmly.

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