Exhibition A.Void | By kunstgroep Zwerm

Exhibition A.Void of Kunstgroep Zwerm can be visitied from September 6 till September 28 2019 in NDSM-Fuse.

Kunstgroep Zwerm has shaped this exhibition around a shared theme: A.Void; the space between end and beginning, between future possibilities and memories.

The chosen exhibition space NDSM-Fuse, at the NDSM-wharf, shows the parralel with this theme: this place has a tremendous history, is a developing spot where creativity is needed to seduce people to make new memories. Autonomous artists use new media that fit the dynamics of a changing city, a changing landscape. The artists of Zwerm invite you to discover their unique translation of A.Void.


Open Wednesday till Sunday from 12:00 till 18:00. The opening is at September 6 from 20:00 with Petra Cardinaal.

There are also activities during this exhibition: Special Guests Night with Paul Bogaers and Popel Coumou on September 13., Meet &Greet the artists on September 20., Workshop Iphonography and UNSEEN open gallery night on September 21. And a photo/art book event at September 28.

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