| an oasis of statues


For those who climb up the new high stairs in the NDSM-loods, NDSM-fuse, the former skatepark, is a surprise: an oasis of statues. As in a garden with silent, hanging or lying images, you can wander through the exhibition ‘an oasis of statues’ from Walk along a meandering stream of statues into space. A highway crosses your path, disturbing the peace with a traffic jam of fantastic trucks. Growing up forms invite you to rest underneath.

The statues touch on dance, music, poetry and humor. They work within the space. Just like a dancer moving through space, this recharges with energy, emotion, moves, so the statues give their solidified energy back to the surroundings.

The eleven sculptors are connected by poetic craftsmanship. In the exhibition ‘an oasis of statues’ they place classical next to experimental. They’ve worked with bronze, forged steel, natural stone, wood, polyester, perspex, concrete, paper, ceramics.

with: Alice W. Bakker, Leo van den Bos, Desiré Haverkamp, ​​Frea Lenger, Antoinette LeRoy, Huub van Meerwijk, Hanneke de Munck, Anja Vosdingh Bessem, Tom Wagenaar, Thijl Wijdeveld, Hubert Zeeman.

15 September to 14 October 2018 | Closed on Sat 6 & Sun 7 October
Openingshours: Tuesday to Sunday from 12:00-18: 00

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