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Dazzle Trip (2023) | Yamuna Forzani


‘Dazzle Trip’ is a series of new works shown in various art installations that celebrate gender diversity in the public space and provide a glimpse into the universe of artist, designer and queer activist Yamuna Forzani. From June 22 a video installation in a shipping container, three images on the NDSM Billboards, and the inflatable A Big Heart (in collaboration with Blow Up Den Haag) can be seen at the NDSM wharf. In addition, a Dazzle Ferry sails between the NDSM wharf and Amsterdam Central Station (in collaboration with Amsterdam Ferry Festival). With ‘Dazzle Trip’, Forzani aims to raise awareness and celebrate the multitude of roles and identities that everyone embodies within social structures. Read more about this work on the location page.

We opened Dazzle Trip on June 22nd with a real NDSM Blockparty curated by Yamuna Forzani herself. A humble impression of that party can be found below.


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