On the 18th of July, project choir Boeuf Majeur shakes loose the bonds of quarantaine. Led by Tristan Knelange, the choir will explore the emotional experience of quarantaine: restriction, self-discipline, longing, pain, submission and finally release and celebration.

The repertoire ranges from baroque (Bach, Lotti) and romantic (Bruckner) to 20th century composers (Schnittke, Poulenc, Weill, Vaughan Williams and Jonkers) and even some pop tunes.

While the concert celebrates the (partial) lifting of corona restrictions, conductor, singers and audience will all act in full compliance with existing social distancing rules for singing and public events. This is made possible by the enormous space of the NDSM-loods, through which the audience is allowed to roam freely in search of the most comfortable (or tense – if so desired – ) experience. Visitors are encouraged to simultaneously experience both music and the visual art of NDSM-fuse gallery, which has generously offered its space to host this much longed-for event.

Boeuf Majeur @ NDSM-fuse: B(NDS)M
July 18th
Matinee concert starts at 15 PM
Evening concert starts at 20:30 PM
Duration: 1h to 1h15m
Location: NDSM-fuse, located at NDSM-pleinThe concert may feature a form of audience participation.
More information and tickets: / boeu[email protected]

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