Block | Exhibition

Try putting this in a box. Is it theater? Is it dance? Yes, it is. But it also isn’t. BLOCK has no limitations and promises an aesthetic experience that will make the senses vibrate. Accompanied by an enchanting sound design, specially written for BLOCK by SOMNIAK, the performance appeals to every spectator in its own way. The performances will take place at the following four moments: 1 October at 20:00h, 2 October at 20:00h, 2 October at 21:00h, and 3 October at 20:00h. Each performance will last for about half an hour.

BLOCK takes you into the world of extremes. A world in which body and mind, emotion and reason, will and law diametrically oppose each other – but equally need each other to survive. Mourning, loneliness, love and trust are among the themes you will recognize. Or not. Because BLOCK plays with its audience’s perception. What the performance is really about, the spectator can only experience personally. Nothing stands in your way, except your own imagination.

Tickets cost €10,- and you can reserve a seat via [email protected] by stating your name, date of the performance and number of people.

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