Are we future sediment? (2022) | Amauta García & David Camargo


The temporary installation ‘Are We Future Sediment?’ by Mexican artists Amauta García and David Camargo, is the winning entry of the Open Call that the NDSM-werf Foundation has distributed among participants at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. The project ‘Are We Future Sediment?’ creates awareness about the rising water level in a visual way and can be seen at the yard from September 4 to October 9.

The selected project, an installation by Amauta García and David Camargo, is a public intervention consisting of a fog catcher that helps condense water from the air, and a movable garden. The installation ‘Are We Future Sediment?’ is 5 meters high; exactly the estimated height of the rising water level in 2050. The work fulfills a signaling function and depicts a development that often still feels abstract. It also indicates the need to continue looking for solutions to the climate problem. The work can be seen at Smederijplein and opens on Sunday 4th of September with a presentation by the artists at NDSM.

The NDSM site is a complex, stony area with consequential ecological challenges. With this new open call, the NDSM wharf Foundation calls on makers of the Jan van Eyck Academy to propose temporary and site-specific projects for a more sustainable, resilient and green NDSM.


Jan van Eyck Academy

As a multidisciplinary Post-Academy, the Jan van Eyck offers residencies to artists, designers, writers, curators and architects from all over the world. Each participant is given the time, space and expertise needed to develop their artistic practice. The academy is a place for research and experimentation, but also a place for (public) debate and cross-fertilization.


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