2018.365 The Exhibition | by Boris Suyderhoud

One year, 365 days, every day a photo; photographer Boris Suyderhoud said to himself. Every day a photo meant he had to pause, look, compose an image and click.

And so throughout 2018, wherever Boris went, his camera went with him:
Behind the scenes of a film set on a Croatian island.
At night in the train, on the way home.
On the couch with girlfriend and cat.
And of course experimenting in the studio.
During this year, all sorts of things come by:
loved ones, colleagues and drunken passersby. The city, nature and still lifes.
Random moments, familiar situations and carefully composed images.

The exhibition with these photographs are shown on Saturday January 12 from 5pm til 9 pm and on January 13 from 12 pm til 6 pm at NDSM-Fuse.

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