Crazy theater during the Festival of Fools on NDSM

With the small-scale, but hideous Festival of Fools, the bright blue ship the Azart says farewell to the Amsterdam waters from July 14 to July 23, which has been home for 28 years.

The festival takes place alongside the blue ship of the Azart, which is located next to Noorderlicht on the NDSM site. The revenues of the festival are used to fund the long-cherished dream of the captain and crew of the ship: a crossing to the east, with the final destination of Australia.

The crew, according to the Amsterdam maritime tradition, wants to sail across all the countries where the Netherlands came in colonial times. This time, “not to steal, but to share”. Everywhere they go, the crew will build a stage on the quayside to entertain the undoubtedly stunned locals.

Earlier attempts to make the crossing are stranded. Every euro that is earned is a euro more certainty that Australia is reached this time.
The crew leaves anyway

During the festival you can join the crazy crew of the ship for a festive farewell at the quay every day at 8 pm for 11 euros.

Then at 22.30, also for 11 euros, the highlight of the festival, the performance of the crew Haast U Langzaam” takes place: a theater presentation about the necessity of curiosity”.

On Saturday, July 22, the famous historian Herman Pleij will give a lecture (free entrance) at 18.00 and on Sunday, 16th and 23th June, performances, performances and performances will be held on the ship and the quay from 15.00 on which visitors can give voluntary donations .

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