David Bernstein builds SAUNRA at Nieuw Dakota

The Fiat Multipla is a car full of opposites. He is known to many as the ugliest car in the world. At the same time it is a fantastic family car, with a spacious interior as a living room. This social bubble brings about a Simultaneous phenomenon – collecting the same idea at the same time – (it’s in the sky). Now you might wonder how it comes? Well, the Fiat Multipla uses mystical-linguistic-metaphysical power. This is like a kind of turbo power – like several cars – but in the case of the Multipla it is Simultiplain turbo power. The Fiat Multipla of David Bernstein is currently undergoing a transformation, from car to sauna. In this sauna, speakers will hear the music of cosmic-afro-futuristic band Sun Ra. In difficult times the SAUNRA is a joyful and beneficial space. A place for warmth, hope and humor.

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