Bistro Noord makes space for Cannibale Royale

Bistro Noord closes the doors. A new establishment of Cannibal Royale will be launched.

Bistro Noord was founded three years ago with crowdfunding by the brothers Hugo and Evert Te Pas. Three months ago, reviewer Hiske Versprille ate a delicious boudin blanc three months ago with calf and mustard and gave a 7+ for her Proefwerk.

Unfortunately there were too few visitors in the winter months. “Unfortunately, true. After 3 years of hard work we have chosen a different path, “is on the website of the restaurant. The brothers sold the business to the entrepreneurs behind Cannibale Royal, which are also behind Hanneke’s Boom and the Vergulde Eenhoorn.

The steak and hamburger restaurant gets a fourth branch, after the Handboogstraat, Ruysdaelkade and Lange Niezel.

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