BBC chooses the 5 most beautiful places in Amsterdam

In the BBC program An Art Lovers’ Guide, two presenters visit three European cities looking for the most beautiful cultural sites. In the first episode, Janina Ramirez and Alastair Sooke visit Amsterdam. Ramirez, has a doctorate in medieval culture and the other, Sooke, is an art critic for modern art, therefore they together create a perfect mix of art and culture together. According to the duo, this is the top 5 in Amsterdam.

1. NDSM site
Sooke: ‘This former site is now a vibrant and exciting cultural district, full of art studios, bars and restaurants. During our visit, I experienced one of the most memorable performances I have ever experienced, with a nasty showgirl who turned into a snake in front of our eyes. ”

2. The canals
Ramirez: “The only way to really understand Amsterdam is to go to the water. You can see the centuries in the buildings built along the canals. We were lucky enough to get lost on the canals for almost two hours. It was a gift to get to know Amsterdam.

3. Serenade from the music boat
Ramirez: ‘Amsterdam is full of surprises and the city can not surprise you anymore than the duet between the bells of the Old Church and the reinier Sijpkens music boat. On his miniature organ and his trumpet, Reinier creates a bizarre symphony that attracts tourists when they look at how he sends his boat under the bridges. ”

4. The Old Church
Ramirez: “In a church you often find comedic images of daily life or moral groceries. The images in the oldest church in Amsterdam are special. There is a clear obsession with stool. ”

5. Wall of Apple in Urban Museum
Sooke: “The wall, completed in 1956, consisting of three colorful elements (a bird, a person and a flower), made in a self-conscious childish way, Karel Appel’s happy mural is an expressive and energetic piece of modern art.

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