Amsterdam prize for Joris Laarman

Designer Joris Laarman, theater maker and director Daria Bukvic, and writer Annejet van der Zijl have received the Amsterdam Prize for the Art 2016. This most important art prize of Amsterdam, a sum of EUR 35,000 and a special scale of the city of Amsterdam, a design by designer Frederik Roijé, is awarded annually to artists or institutions that make a special and stimulating contribution to art in the city.

The jury praises the winners for their own way in which they all attach a strong connection to the news. The prize was awarded on Thursday evening August 25th by local mayor and alderman Art and Culture Kajsa Ollongren.

Joris Laarman Lab is doing fundamental research into new technologies in applied art. Together with his partner Anita Star, Joris Laarman functions as a pioneer and great representative of the ‘global tech culture’; Because of his interest in what can bring progress not only in technology but also in the field of aesthetics. Internationally famous but rooted in the city: In the eyes of the jury, Laarman is exemplary of the aspirations of Amsterdam as a city of the world; An establishment of high-level innovative art that rewards a true international appreciation.

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