Location Theatre Over Het IJ Festival

Location theater at it's finest with stories from the new generation, that's Over Het IJ Festival.
11 Jul
14 Jul

For the upcoming 32nd (!!) edition, the festival will go from eight to four days and will focus even more on beginning makers. “a step forward in our pursuit of an even more dynamic platform for location theater” - says Over Het IJ. About The IJ Festival will fill the shipyard from July 11 to 14 this year.

Fewer days = fewer tickets and believe us, you definitely don't want to miss this edition. With creators like Hannelore Havelaar, Tabor Idema, Collective Walden, Djuwa Mroivil (and much, much more), it's important to get your tickets for one (or all) shows now! So quickly click on the button at the top of this page for tickets and more information about the festival.

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