Valerie van Leersum (NDSM Loods) artist in residence at Stroud Engeland

From 4 till the 14 th of May Valerie van Leersum, an artist from NDSM Amsterdam will be resident artist for the SITE festival Open studio’s.
Valerie van Leersum makes installations and objects. Fascinated by the meaning of the concept of home, her work deals with places in transition, and the relationship between the identity of the ground versus the people living there.

In SVA, under the name ‘Places at drift, Valerie will show work that is based on both the industrial and natural transitions of the NDSM and Stroud. Part of the exhibition will be the collaboration with Tara Downs/ Radio Droogdock. During my residency period Tara will be working in my studio, making Podcast based on conversations she will have with artist from the NDSM. The podcast will be transmitted to the exhibition and broadcasted by Resoundradio.

SVA is based in a big warehouse that provides an event and café space, a gallery space and studio space to 26 artist. Like Amsterdam, Stroud has a strong industrial past. With this exchange between the artist of SVA and NDSM we like to make our first ‘artist handshake’.

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