THE AFTER GLOW III | by Navid Nuur

From Saturday 19 January, THE AFTER GLOW III, a new light art project by visual artist Navid Nuur(Teheran, 1976), will be shown at various locations at the NDSM-werf.

Nuur is fascinated by the functioning of human perception. His artworks are therefore an interplay between material, architecture and sensory phenomena. Light and darkness are a recurring element in his works of art.

For Navid Nuur, light is anything but unambiguous. In his series THE AFTER GLOW he considers the unbridled possibilities of light with an almost metaphysical curiosity. THE AFTER GLOW III is his latest work of art, which was created together with the NDSM-werf. The light art project intervenes in four locations with the architecture of the old shipyard and adds a mysterious nocturnal brilliance to this location.