Jim Whiting / Kinetic Installation (work in progress)

Jim Whiting
Kinetic Installation (work in progress)
Saturday 7 Oct – Nov 10

Jim Whiting (UK) is an Leipzig based artist, inventor and maker of mechanical theater. He builds monumental, kinetic installations and exhibitions where visitors can can walk through and disappear in a wonderful world in which past and future are on inaccessible with each other, due to the unstoppable corridor of the advanced thinking and advanced technology.

This world unfolds as one kind of variété theater in which animated figures and robots take the role of host, acrobat and performer in a turbulent, fairytale-like fantasy world – all built upwith rudimentary machines and seemingly simple mechanisms from which an unchaste love for making and building radiates.

On the North Wing of the Shipbuilding Plot, Whiting makes a site-specific kinetic, mechanical art-installation consisting of four objects with steel wires that are mounted on the old crane. The choreography of the objects follow a fixed preprogrammed routine, but can be interrupted by interference of the public, as they are encouraged to move the objects themselves with pushbuttons. This artistic attraction set in one smooth motion that makes the apparent separation between high and low art disappear. The project brings back memories to the famous Robodock festivals and associates them with current activities on the NDSM such as the ADE Crossover Festival.

Jim Whiting will be working on the installation during NDSM Open Saturday 13.00-18.00 hrs. Other presentation moments will be announced soon.