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02 March 2017 Pllek



TERRAKOTA & Daniel Dzidzonu
DJ set by Mukambo

​Doors open: 20:00 uur
​Pre sale: € 12,50 | Door sale: € 15,00

– – –

Drinking from the juice of musical diversity, Terrakota’s work unites people, languages and cultures. With this 9-headed (!) band, the world map is turned upside down, borders are swept by multilingual music, as if Portuguese, Creole, Wolof, Spanish, English, Arabic & French were a single language. Carrying a passport for a ride around the world, their dance steps journey across Mandinga and Afro-Cuban rhythms, soukouss, maracatu, gwana, rap, chimurenga and Indian music influences.

Daniel Dzidzonu was born into the sounds of West African percussions and gospel. You can call him a trumpeter/composer, Daniel offers us a musical conception between tradition and modernity. Inspired by traditional songs of West Africa, jazz and fusion music of recent years. Dzidzonu’s music is enriching, lively and irresistable.

/// MUKAMBO ///
As a Brussels-based music journalist, global grooves activist, radiomaker and DJ, Mukambo has been specializing in music from around the globe since 2005 for several Belgian, Dutch & French newspapers and magazines. DJ Mukambo is africanizing and groovalizing nightlife with great Afro stuff that will make y’all dance the whole night round!

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Pllek Live Stage is a venue for curious music lovers. Bold and fresh, the new space (next to the Pllek restaurant) offers great acoustics, an amazing view and a rugged yet welcoming vibe. A solid D&B sound system gives Pllek’s sexy little sister an ooomph that will be sure to make a crowd of over 300 move and shake.

Every first Thursday of the month, we’ll bring you a musical adventure powered by energetic live performances. Expect uplifting, powerful international acts and crossovers between contemporary electronica, western and non-western genres. An eclectic voyage that deserves to be heard!


Pllek Live Stage is an initiative from pllek

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