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24 July 2016 Noorderlicht

Baby Burn Festival

Our beloved baby is back for the 5th time. Over the years it has grown into a fine day out for Burners around the playground that is Noorderlicht. And just like last year, the Azart Ship of Fools will take part in our festival too. You’re all welcome to celebrate our baby’s 5th birthday in style!

On BabyBurn there are no tickets, no fences, no entrance fees, no budget, no spectators, only participants. Everyone who comes to BabyBurn brings a gift to share with the other participants: a snack or a meal, a drink or a song, a workshop or a performance, all of the above or something completely different… 

Our baby loves these gifts. In fact, our baby could’t live on without them. It’s all up to you how you want to contribute, as long as you act according to our culture’s 10 principles, which includes leaving no trace. We should leave the playground as spotless as our baby’s conscience 😉

If you want to perform on stage or you need to collaborate with us to make your gift possible, please fill in this form and we’ll see where we can help:

Here’s some inspiration from last years:

Baby Burn Festival Members: