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21 september 2016

Ventilating Stories

Title of the ongoing project: Ventilating Stories

Title of this edition: Insects are our new best
friends. Eat ‘em!

Vladimir Hristov visual artist, together with the
professor and performer Fons van Tienen came up with the idea of installing
this performance especially for this occasion, i.e. Open Day NDSM 2016. This is
an art installation that involves: paintings, sounds, video projection,
performance and edible insects.

Allow your fantasy to be lead by the sounds and
continuous imagery changing on the painting. Nothing is what it seems to be on
the first glance. Once you think you know the story it turns around and keeps
you surprised. Let your mind set be challenged and even accept insects as
future food.

The show will take place under the former skate park
at 17.00h. Enjoy the free meal at the end of the show.

Wishing you a safe journey and keep smiling,

Vladimir Hristov

Fons van Tienen