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08 september 2016

5 Reasons to book your stay at the ADE Sleep/Over!

As there are endless reasons NOT to MISS out the coolest Sleep/Over during ADE, we give you 5 to warm up a bit

1. You LOVE ADE! (then you most definitely will love the ADE Sleep/Over)
5 Days of dance, parties and the best DJ’s in the world! Does it get any better? YES, it does! This year we proudly introduce the ADE Sleep/Over. An urban campsite with comfortable heated sleeping accommodations, and the best parties just around the corner

2. You LOVE people!
Meeting new people from all over the world in an intimate setting of a campsite, that’s what ADE Sleep/Over is; kindred spirits, united for 5 days, making and sharing real memorable moments

3. You LOVE adventure!
Where there is adventure, there is you! Camping in October on a impressive post-industrial shipyard in Amsterdam during ADE, Hell yeah!

4. You LOVE your PJ’s!
Eating your breakfast, doing groceries or just chilling…at the ADE Sleep/Over you can walk around in your pj’s, onesie and slippers the WHOLE day if you want

5. You LOVE to learn more about Dance!
During ADE Sleep/Over many inspiring talks and lectures will be held in Club Sleep/Over. Learn from the best and go home smarter!!